16 hidden wedding costs every couple should know!

When we start working on a wedding budget, we know the big ticket items (dress, venue, limo..etc), but sometimes we forget to keep money aside in case we come across one of these easily-overlooked wedding expenses. ( I learned some of these after the big day!)

#1 Your engagement photoshoot

Yup! - of course this will cost money. However, you might not realise exactly how much it will cost until you start exploring options! Look for a photographer who will include it as part of a package along with your main wedding photography in order to get the best bargain. These pictures can be used for your Save the Date cards!

#2 Getting your engagement ring resized

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do - depending on how drastic the resizing needs to be, this will cost you a pretty penny or two.

#3 Proposing to your bridesmaids

Obviously if you're just going to ask them straight-out, the cost here will be minimal. Lately, there has been a trend with "popping the question" to your lovely bridesmaids! Always fun to come up with cute ideas to make them smile!

#4 Stamps for your invites

Who knew? Postage is very much not your friend - forking out on First Class stamps for 100 invites and 100 RSVPs will probably make you cringe a little bit inside. Luckily, there are some other options too; for example, create an email address for your guests to RSVP to rather than asking them to post back their responses. Or try an online RSVP website!

#5 Alterations for your dress

Of course, it's more than worth paying more to get a better quality of service and a finish you're happy with. Set aside an amount of money in advance and find out if the boutique where you buy your gown offers any sort of complimentary alterations service. This was a suprising cost for my dress ($300!)

#6 Gifts for the bridal party, for parents, and for the groom/bride

These are easy to over-look - and the closer you leave it to your wedding day, the more likely you are to panic-buy and over-spend. Jot down ideas early on, and keep a look out for sales!

#7 Program Booklets

Depending on the ceremony, make couples like to create their own ceremony program booklets. Creative designing and printing these books can be an expensive cost. Luckily, at SHERIBU can help!

#8 The three C's: cake-cutting and corkage

Opting for an external cake-maker and drinks provider can bump up the cost of your wedding reception significantly, with most venues charging fees for both corkage and cake-cutting. Check the small print with this one - you don't want a dissappointing surprise!

#9 Travel expenses

If you're travelling to your venue from a distance, you'll need to factor in gas, train fares or even flight costs. Plus, if you're staying over the night before, don't forget to include this in your calculations, too.

#10 Traditional Wedding Items

In many Indian wedding customs, the traditional manthragodi saree and thaali are items that raise the budget depending on the style you desire. The unity candle plus candle stand, or similiar token of the wedding day is another item. The little things can add up as well. These may include the couple's champagne flutes, cake toppers, personalized cake cutting knives, place cards, thank you cards...etc.

#11 Late RSVPers

Ugh - we all know that person who, despite no end of chasing, will refrain from giving you their RSVP at the very last minute. On the other end of the spectrum, don't forget those guests who might cancel their attendance at the last moment, leaving you with an empty seat you still need to pay for.

#12 Hair & Make Up Trials

When searching for that perfect stylist, you are bound to book a few trials with recommended stylists. Unfortunately, most stylists charge anywhere from $50-100 for each trial sitting, add in the tip as well.

#13 Over-time costs

If timings over-run, your venue could charge extra. Check what their policy for extensions are and remember that staying later than stated will most likely be expensive as staff will need to be paid more.

#14 Getting your dress dry-cleaned

You might not consider this to be an essential but remember: it's going to be stored away for rather a long time, so you might as well hang it up in pristine condition.

#15 Applying for copies of your marriage certificate

If you need to update your driving license or passport, you'll need fresh copies of your marriage certificate. ( Currently in COOK COUNTY, IL certified legal copies of marriage records are $15 and $4 for each additional copy. )

#16 Welcome bags

Since we had many out of town friends and family flying in for our wedding, we had to plan for welcome bags for the hotel. Even little things like chocolates, granola bars, water bottles, sodas, fans, bubbles, decorative fillers...can add up when you're making 50 bags!

Just some things to consider!!

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