"My husband and I tried doing all the brunt of the planning ourselves. We even had excel documents and spreadsheets with layouts of how we predicted the wedding day would go but the amount of details quickly got to be overwhelming. I had lots of offers of help from family and friends but also wanted to protect my family and bridal party from working that day. I reached out to Jibu to hire him as a day of coordinator and I never looked back. It was one of the best decisions for our wedding.  I picked Jibu because he is familiar with Indian customs and had plenty of experience coordinating weddings.  I would describe his personality as type A--and this is the type of person you need to coordinate your wedding because it's all in the D.E.T.A.I.L.S.  He had also recently gotten married himself and had to go over all the nitty gritty wedding details for his own big day.


I mentioned that my husband and I found most of our vendors but we had overlooked some details which Jibu helped us with (ie finding the limo service for one way trip to the church, coordinating music at the church, etc). He organized and coordinated our rehearsal at the church; and we were able to run through the procession/ceremony details twice because of his efficiency.  He was very organized and had a protocol to make sure everyone, including parents of the bride and groom were on the same page. We met several times to discuss the layout of the big day and even had a specific meeting with the parents so important cultural traditions weren't overlooked. Both sets of parents felt very comfortable with Jibu and they had a sense of ease about the stress of that day after meeting him.  He was also an important point of contact for our MC's and kept them informed about the layout of events for our reception. He became the point person for all our vendors and handled final payments and tips. I remember my makeup artist telling me, "You are the first bride that is not on the phone all day." I could let go and just enjoy the day because any questions or concerns were directed towards Jibu. 


I highly recommend hiring Jibu as a wedding coordinator. Remember your wedding day should be a day to celebrate and enjoy the joining of two families. So have fun and let someone else take care of the details. Good luck!"


Sherry and Linus D’Souza, Chicago- IL


"One of the best MCs I have heard at an event, kept our difficult crowd entertained throughout."


-Joe Edakkunnathu,


"I don't know what we would have done without Jibu on our wedding day. Aside from being a close friend, he was very professional and met with me (and my husband through Facetime) to outline what we were looking for. He literally had an itinerary starting a few days out before the big day outlining major tasks/events, family coming in, and contact people for each task. He even met with both of our parents to help explain the outline and have them be comfortable with everything. Let me tell you, Indian parents have tons of questions, but Jibu was able to ease their minds quickly. It also helped for our parents to know who they can ask questions to on the day of the wedding and not having to run to any of the vendors themselves. Jibu even emailed all of our vendors with the timeline to ensure everyone was on the same page. I have a hard time trusting others with major tasks, but Jibu did such an amazing job that I never had to think twice! One of our biggest concerns was having our dads stay relaxed and not worrying about anything the day of the wedding. Jibu even had them happy! Any minor hiccups that occurred that day, i.e. our limo driver taking too long and arriving late to the reception hall was handled beautifully. We were running about 30 minutes late, but somehow Jibu managed to catch us up back to schedule! He even followed up with us after the wedding to talk about how we thought it went. From start to finish, he has been a life saver! I would highly recommend Jibu to coordinate your wedding, especially the day of, because the last thing you need to worry about are the minor details. I love that I was able to take in everything without even having to think about what is/isn't being done. Thanks again for everything Jibu! ":-)


Sanitha Pulikkotil, Chicago-IL

"Knowing Jibu my whole life, I wanted him to MC our wedding and bring a personal touch from a "brother's" perspective.  Little did I know what I was getting myself (us) into!  Our expectation was for him to introduce family, say a few jokes, and just ensure that folks paid attention.  His deliverable was so much more.  He coordinated entertaining games, kept our guests laughing and truly engaged, and made it all so personalized to us with his quips!  Jibu was the talk of the wedding reception.  He stole the show and had everyone asking me who the MC was and if he was available for other events.  Even our DJ, who was hesitant to have a family member MC, asked Jibu if he wanted to work for him!

In addition to MC'ing our wedding, Jibu helped with the coordination the day of and before our wedding.  He did this without us really even asking. He took care of all the little details that we weren't able to get to - working with the DJ on music selection, directing staff on site, taking care of final payments, etc.  With his maniacal attention to detail, his ability to command a room, and his sense of personal excellence we look back on our wedding with happiness and delight!  It was a stress-free day because of him!"


Ancy & Benny Joseph,  Jersey City-New Jersey

"When Toby first casually talked with Jibu about our wedding planning saga, Jibu promptly hired himself as our wedding coordinator. It turned out to be the best decision he (Jibu) ever made! Jokes aside, Jibu's experience helped reassure our Malayalee parents that our wedding day would go smoothly. He delivered on that reassurance and did an amazing job coordinating our rehearsal, Indian Catholic ceremony, and reception. He worked well with our families, kept our intentions in mind, and went above and beyond his call of duty. As we attend other weddings and witness the small hiccups that naturally happen in high-stress situations, we turn to each other and say, "Man, they need that bald man." People still come up to us and comment on how awesome Jibu was during our wedding; they say it was the "most organized wedding" they've attended, and we thank Jibu for his part!" 


- Toby & Shereen Kavukattu,  Chicago-IL

"Jibu did an awesome job of making things come together. He is very organized, and sat down with us multiple times and walked us through everything. He listened to our ideas and did his best to make it happen. The day of the wedding, he made sure everything was on time and ran smoothly. He took care of any bumps along the way. He made sure that we were able to enjoy our wedding, without being bother of normal wedding chaos that tends to happen. So grateful that we were able to work with him, and would highly recommended him!!" 


Alex & Jenny Geevarghese,  Chicago-IL

"We had our formal engagement on April 26th 2014 and utilized the services of Jibu Joseph as the MC and Day of Coordinator at the church. Couple of ways to describe Jibu's services: Professional, Organized, and Innovative. From the start Jibu was very professional and helped us organize a time line for our event. He met with us personally several times prior to the event to make sure we were happy. During the day of our event, Jibu helped organize our event at the church to make sure everything ran smoothly. Both sets of parents were impressed how he made everyone feel comfortable and was extremely organized during the event. Jibu made sure everything went according to plan and there were no road blocks during our event. During the reception, Jibu did an amazing job as MC for the whole event. He was very innovative creating games that really entertained all of our guests. He took all the right steps to make sure our big day went the way we anticipated. Jibu did such a great job, we are utilizing his services for our wedding as the MC and Day of Coordinator in 2015. If you are planning to use Jibu's services, don't hesitate! He's great at what he does!" 

Jerry & Sheila,  Houston-TX

"Jibu served as both the Emcee of our wedding reception as well the coordinator for our wedding rehearsal. He was incredibly helpful in offering advice about a number of points regarding wedding planning while we were in the process of planning. What struck us most about him was his dedication and flexibility when it came to all that we needed for the wedding. He went above and beyond. For example, Jibu had to fly in earlier from a previous engagement just so that he could be early enough to coordinate our rehearsal in the best way. He was responsive to all our concerns about combining our differing traditional rituals and a great mediator between us and our bridal party/family. We were very impressed with the breadth of knowledge he had regarding many traditional Indian rituals. It was important that one of our relatives was also an Emcee and Jibu was not only accommodating but took the time to get to know her and made the effort to connect with her so that they would have great chemistry as emcee partners. This was very apparent to us at the actual reception. What we most enjoyed about working with Jibu was not only his professionalism but also his genuine desire to make our day perfect--whatever he had to do." 


Femia and Tony Maroor,  Chicago-IL

"Jibu was our wedding MC. He did an excellent job keeping the program going smoothly and within our timeline. He was extremely great at grabbing peoples attention and keeping everyone entertained at all times. He also managing to get 400 plus guests from one room to another in a extremely short time! His humor and confidence shine at all times.  Jibu also provided us with additional comfort by looking at our wedding timeline and identifying any issues and how we could address it prior to our wedding day. Jibu was extremely detailed and we knew there was nothing he could miss. We have and will continue to recommend Jibu to all of our friends and family."


Vinod K. Mathew Tisha Rose V. Mathew."  Chicago-IL

"Jibu was a consummate professional throughout the process, guiding us throughout. Not surprisingly, there are a lot of aspects of planning a wedding that went way above our heads (too many to name really), so having an experienced coordinator was invaluable.


Initially, Jibu scheduled to meet with us well in advance of the wedding to give us a general idea of what to expect and a timeline of events. He also met with everyone involved in the planning to ensure everyone was on the same page (families, MCs, bridal party, etc), for the rehearsal and the wedding. He understood our needs, particularly those of our parents, and was able to work with us well, basically outlining all of the important aspects. For me especially, I like to be prepared and am concerned with “the little details”, which I felt Jibu was also like and something I can appreciate. His experience made everyone feel comfortable in general.


For the rehearsal, we ran through the entire routine a couple of times to ensure we would be prepared and I can say that this definitely helped since I felt repetition was important here, in addition to just feeling more comfortable. It was easy to see Jibu’s experience here as he was able to coordinate and explain to everyone what was needed from each person involved.


For the wedding day at the church, it went smoothly, in part because of the rehearsal preparation from

before. We had around 450 guests, requiring several family pictures, around 40. He was able to effectively coordinate the process, shuffling families in and out in a timely fashion.


For the reception, we had multiple rooms for the foyer, cocktail room, ballroom, etc. Jibu was able to effectively move people along to the right places so that the schedule was on track. He was able to coordinate with the MCs, the DJ, the photographer, videographer, etc.


To summarize, Jibu’s experience as a wedding coordinator was valuable to us. He took care of so many aspects of our wedding preparations, basically leaving us to enjoy the big day."

Dennis and Tiffany, Chicago-IL

"We initially asked Jibu to be the MC of our wedding, but were so blown-away by his organization skills, level of detail, and overall knowledge of wedding etiquette, that we had to ask him to be our wedding coordinator as well.  We met several times to discuss our wedding/reception schedule and he really helped us with blending both the traditional and current wedding practices in a manner that would still keep us on schedule.  This was a stressful time for us, but Jibu's confidence in what he was doing really put us at ease. The day of the wedding was seamless! Because of Jibu's interpersonal skills, he was able to keep the wedding and reception on schedule without any conflict.  We couldn't believe how he could coordinate and MC at the same time, and do both perfectly.  To say that we highly recommend Jibu Joseph as a wedding coordinator or MC would be an understatement. We couldn't imagine hiring anyone else!" 


Manoj and Marilyn Kalayil,  Chicago-IL

"Jibu was very professional. He was always timely to our meetings and came prepared with ideas/recommendations. He aided in setting up the itinerary for the day and meeting with our families to ensure that everyone was on the same page regarding the timeline and events. Jibu coordinated our Wedding rehearsal in a timely manner and even finished earlier than we had expected. He took the initiative to contact our vendors, wedding & reception coordinators, priest and hall coordinator to ensure that everything would go smoothly. The wedding and reception would not have run so smoothly without his help and that everything was done how we wanted.


Jibu was also one of our two MCs. He worked well with his partner, kept the crowd entertained and ensured that the various events ran within the time allotted. Some parts did run longer than others but for the most part, the reception followed as we had planned. Jibu's interactive and entertaining personality definitely kept the audience's attention throughout the entire night. 


We would definitely recommend Jibu as a Wedding coordinator and MC." 


-Jimmy & Mindy-   Chicago, IL

"Our wedding was in the DC Area and Jibu helped keep the whole day on schedule and fun for everyone there. To this day, we get compliments on how well the day was planned and organized, and a big part of that is due to Jibu.  Jibu was not only our MC for the evening, but also a groomsmen. Jibu met with us and kept in touch on how we wanted the flow of the evening to be and run through the schedule (where he provided tips on timing and order of events). In addition to playing those two important roles, he stepped in to help organize the ceremony, the picture process and details of the Catholic ceremony when our wedding planner was MIA. Jibu did an exceptional job and we would recommend his services for any event. He can do it all and really cares about the service he provides."


Nina and Abilash Karimkuttyil,

Washington DC

"I can't rant enough about the amazingness that is Sheribu Event Management. We couldn't have asked for a better day of coordinator and decorator! Jibu helped me plan the wedding weekend minute by minute. I've never seen such a thorough wedding weekend schedule! When it came to the day of the wedding, he handled every detail to perfection! Tom and I didn't worry about a single thing on our wedding day, and we have Jibu to thank for that.  Sherin was our decorator for the hall, and she did a phenomenal job! She listened to everything we wanted and was sure to take our budget into account. I gave her very little direction on decor and just let her be creative with the theme I wanted. We were not disappointed at all!! The reception hall manager said the hall has never looked this good! We had a PERFECT wedding day! Both of our families were extremely impressed with how seamlessly the day unfolded. To this day we still have not heard any negatives complaint about our wedding (which is unheard of with Indian weddings!). For all those looking for the perfect wedding/event vendor, look no further! Jibu & Sherin are the power team you need!"


Charlotte and Tom David,  Atlanta-Georgia